SEAQIS Research Dissemination on the 8th Annual Basic Science International Conference 2018

Continuing the previous research about laboratory practical work at school which are already presented on SNIPS (Simposium Nasional Inovasi dan Pembelajaran Sains) 2017, SEAQIS disseminate the further findings about the research on The 8th Annual Basic Science International Conference 2018. This conference was conducted at Ijen Suites Hotel Resort and Convention, Jl. Ijen Nirwana Raya Blok A No.16, Malang, East Java, Indonesia on 6-7 February 2018.

Two research topics by SEAQIS’s personels were accepted and presented at this conference, the first research on laboratory practical works were accepted as a poster presentation and other research on evaluation of Training on Head of Science Laboratory were persented orally. Ms. Adella Anfidina Putri, Ms. Lintang Ratri Prastika and Ms. Amalia Dwi Utami has selected as the person in charge for conducting this research with the guidance from Prof. Triyanta, Mrs. Lili Indarti and Mr. Reza Setiawan.

The first research was focused on collecting authentic data about science practice that already done by the teacher in secondary school in Aceh Jaya, Jayapura City and Gowa Regency. This study aims to gather information about science materials within the 2013 Curriculum that are difficult for teachers to introduce them by the use of experimental method, to identify constraints in doing practical works at school, and also to collect teachers’ expectations for improving the quality of laboratory activities in science learning. Meanwhile, the second research was focused on SEAQIS programme evaluation and further potential improvement. In 2017, SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) conducted four training courses on head of school laboratory located in Siak Regency, Garut Regency, Gowa Regency, and Jayapura City. The research was conducted and aimed to find out the effectiveness of the training, the significance of the cognitive change of participants, the participants’ perceptions, and the factors affecting the cognitive abilities of participants.

As the representative, Ms. Adella and Ms. Lintang were presented the research and gain a favorable response from other participants of the conference. SEAQIS’s team showed their poster on the first day and presented findings of the research on second day. Most of the participants who are college students and scientist had a very limited knowledge about SEAQIS as one of the SEAMEO Regional Center for education and was so interest to know more about SEAQIS after find out about SEAQIS niche area. Dissemination of the research is one of the way to improve the quality of teacher and education personel through reseach and development, also a decent way to enhance SEAQIS’s visibility on public.

Written by Adella Anfidina Putri and Lintang Ratri Prastika

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