Workshop on STEM Integration Into K-13 Curriculum

Tasikmalaya, West Java- SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) as one of the Southeast Asian regional institutions that initiates STEM learning in Indonesia always helps the process of socialization and implementation of STEM learning, one of which is through training for teachers and education personnel. The Al-Muttaqin Foundation, Tasikmalaya City invited SEAMEO QITEP in Science to conduct Training on STEM Integration in Curriculum 2013 Implementation in facing the 21st Century learning. The training was held at Al-Muttaqin Primary School and attended by 30 secondary science teachers from Tasikmalaya Regency. The training was conducted in two days, on 11-12 July 2019. The training was officially opened by LPI Chairman Al-Muttaqin Tasikmalaya, DR. H. D. Suryatman. Mr Dian Purnama and Mr Septian Karyana were the representative of the Centre, as well as the facilitators of training.

During these two days, the STEM approach and its implementation in Curriculum 2013 were introduced to the participants. The participants were given the general information about STEM, the philosophy and the characteristics of STEM-based learning, and the importance of 21st-century skills for students. The participants were also given an example of STEM activity in order to get an overview of the application of the STEM approach in the classroom. It is hoped that after this training, the participants acquire deep comprehension on STEM-based learning and implement it in their respective schools, so students will get used to having 21st-century skills and be ready to face global competition.

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