Establishment of Regional Office for Climate Change

One of the most concerning problems in the world nowadays is climate change, the world is already facing the severe of extreme weather events as the mounting impact of climate changes which threat seriously to human civilizations and sustainable development effort. Concerning on the described issues, partially actions, unstructured approaches and routine policies have to be ended. It needs a considerable and sustained effort from the government authorities, academia, NGO and others to ensure that young generations have the means to understand and take action, in order to protect them from prejudice, ideology or irrational thinking, and prepare them to live in a changing world. In this perspective, education is an essential component and a catalyst to respond global environmental issues and climate change phenomenon, by integrating it in science education to raise awareness and promote knowledge and skills-development. One of the organizations that takes the problem to main concern is The Office for Climate Education with the aim of educating the young generations of today and tomorrow about climate change.

The Office of Climate Education (OCE) was launched in France on March 16th 2018 under the aegis of La main à la pâte Foundation that initiated by French Academy of Science, dedicates to developing pedagogical resources on climate change. The promotion of OCE has received strong support from Inter Academy Partnership on Science Education Program (IAP-SEP) Global Council and encourage to apply around the world.

In 2019, in collaboration and full support from The Office for Climate Education (OCE), France SEAQIS’ has the initiative to establish the Regional Office for Climate Education as an Asian network in regard to climate change education. With support from the OCE-France, SEAQIS will take the lead on resources production, teacher trainings and accompaniment. In addition, this program is parallel with the Seven Priority of SEAMEO Education Agenda 2015-2035. This initiative had been promoted to UNESCO Bangkok during SEAMEO Center Director Meeting on June 2018 and suggested to be part of Green Academy-UNESCO under Natural Sciences Program. In the future the program of the Office of Climate Education will include conduction the regional trainings, forum policy dialogue, seminars and conferences, guest lectures, developing learning resources, green schools’ development and also youth camp.

Innitation for Establishment of Regional Office for Climate Education were presented on the opening ceremony of Training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development in Bandung, 7 July 2019. The ceremony and initial idea of establishment were proposed from Deputy Director for Programme SEAMEO QITEP in Science, Dr. Indarjani and officially remarked by Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto as the SEAMEO Indonesia Coordinator. Prof. Dr. Emilienne Baneth-Nouailhetas as Education Pertnership Attaché, Institut Français D’indonésie (France Embassy of Indonesia) also gave her remarks and support towards the establishment of Regional Office for Climate Education.

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