Training on STEM Learning for High School Physics Teachers in Lampung Province

Bandar Lampung – On 7-8 September 2019, SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) was invited by the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher and Education, University of Lampung (FKIP UNILA) to become a facilitator in the Community Service Program of the Department of Physics Education in the form of Training on STEM Learning for Physics High School Teachers in Lampung Province. This activity was one of the follow-ups to the MoU that had been agreed by FKIP UNILA and SEAQIS.

SEAQIS personnel assigned to the program were Dr. Poppy Kamalia Devi, M.Pd. and Mrs. Lintang Ratri Prastika, M.Si. The material in this program consisted of STEM Learning and Physics Learning using a tracker application. UNILA Physics Education Lecturer Team facilitated tracker material while Mrs. Poppy and Mrs. Lintang from SEAQIS facilitated STEM learning material.

The training was attended by 48 high school physics teachers in Lampung Province. Held at Nusantara Syariah Hotel in Bandar Lampung City, the participants learned about 21st Century Education, STEM Characteristics, STEM Analysis in Curriculum 2013, and the use of a tracker application.

The participants were very enthusiastic during the training, especially with the project activities to make some simple tools and group presentations which made the training even more interesting.

After this training, the participants are expected to develop a lesson plan and implement STEM Learning in their respective schools, as one of the requirements for graduating and getting the training certificates from UNILA and SEAQIS.

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