SEAQIS Scientific Publication in the 4th National Seminar on Science Learning at Malang State University

Malang – In carrying out one of the missions of the Centre which is conducting research and development to maintain the quality of the programmes, SEAQIS is back in attending a scientific discussion forum in the form of a National Seminar to disseminate one of the researches that has been conducted. The SEAQIS team that submitted the abstract and was selected for presenting in the seminar were Ms. Lintang Ratri Prastika, Mr. Lukman Nulhakim, and Ms. Lili Indarti.

The seminar entitled the 4th National Seminar on Science Learning was organized by the Department of Natural Sciences of the Malang State University (UM) and had the theme “Integration of STEM in Science Learning to Face the Challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0”. The theme is divided into four scopes of research, namely: Science Learning Strategies, Science Learning Media, Science Learning Assessments, and STEM-based Science and Learning Studies.

Held on Saturday, 5th October 2019 in the O1 and O3 Buildings of Faculty of Mathematics and Science UM, this seminar presented three Main Speakers. The first speaker was Prof. Dr. Sudarmin, M.Si. from Semarang State University who presented material about STEM in Science Learning. He also distributed various documents about STEM research, examples of STEM Lesson Plans, and examples of STEM Worksheets. The second speaker was Prof. Dr. Sutopo, M.Si. from Malang State University. He explained the material about STEM Implementation in the Learning of Geometry Optics in Junior High School. He further gave an example of learning activities that linked scientific and engineering approaches. It was then followed by Mr. Sugianto, S.Pd., M.Si. from Malang State University who delivered material on Assessment in STEM-based Learning.

After the main speakers’ session is finished, the seminar participants are divided into several classes to present their research in a parallel session. Total participants and speakers in this seminar were 260 people. Ms. Lintang Ratri Prastika represented the SEAQIS Team to present the research about the assessment of the Training on Inquiry-based Science Learning in Ponorogo in 2018.

The presentation was going well. It is hoped that this research paper can benefit many parties as well as being evaluation and monitoring for SEAQIS to always develop and provide quality training that is in accordance with the needs of teachers and education personnel in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.