Inter-Centre Capacity Building Programme: Public Speaking

SEAQIS and the other six SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia held a series of Inter-Centre Capacity Building programmes.  The first programme was held on 4 May 2020 discussing Public Speaking. The topic was delivered by Mr Cepri Maulana from SEAMEO CECCEP. In his presentation, he delivered basic knowledge in public speaking, such as open body posture, appropriate gestures, eye contact, voice tone and rehearsing. He also emphasized that material preparation, media checking and rehearse are things that crucial. The event was attended by 80 participants from all Centres and held online considering that all Centres are still in the work-from-home period.

Even during the pandemic, all staffs are expected to continue to develop their skills to support the needs of the Centre. Capacity Building programmes are scheduled to be held throughout May 2020.

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