Online Training: The Use of Online Learning Application for Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary Teachers from Indonesia Baiturrahman Foundation

SEAQIS conducted online training: the use of online learning applications for kindergarten, primary, and secondary school teachers from Indonesia Baiturrahman Foundation, Bandung, from 16 to 20 July 2020 for the first batch, and from 20 to 23 July 2020 for the second batch. The first batch consisted of two classes, including 40 senior secondary and junior secondary school teachers. The second batch also contained two classes, including 33 kindergarten and primary school teachers. The facilitators for this training were Dr Poppy Kamalia Devi, Mr Rizwan Darmawan, Mr Lukman Nulhakim, Mr Zuhe Safitra, Mr Dian Purnama, Mr Prima Dermawan, and Mr Haidar Helmi.

In this training, the facilitators discussed and guided the participants to use several applications that are suitable for opening an online class. The applications were Google Classroom for a learning management system, Google Form for learning assessment, Google Meet for video conference, and Google Jamboard for interactive learning activity. On the first day, the participants learned about learning adaptation strategy in the pandemic period. This topic becomes essential due to the current situation. At the end of the training, participants presented their learning design that used all the applications.

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