Webinar on Integrating Robotics into Science Learning

In collaboration with Robotic Explorer Indonesia, SEAQIS conducted a webinar on integrating robotics into science learning on 7 October 2020. This webinar was one of SEAQIS’ efforts to answer the challenges in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, where we live in two worlds side by side. The very rapid development of technology and information can integrate the physical world and the digital world to solve various problems faced by humans effectively and efficiently. In the past, we never imagined how an application on a smartphone could meet the needs of transportation services, expeditions, transactions, even homework, and various other needs. We also never thought that artificial intelligence that we only saw in a film could be present in our lives as a solution to problems in various sectors. Through this event, SEAQIS strive to provide a forum for teachers and education personnel to get information about how robotics, as one of the technologies in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, can be integrated into science learning.

The speakers of the webinar were Mr Dian Purnama from SEAQIS and Mr Yana Yohana from Robotics Explorer, Mr Reza Setiawan, the Deputy Director for Programme moderated the webinar. The first speaker, Mr Dian, talked about the current development of technology and information starting from the first industrial revolution up to now. He also explained why robotics is taught at school. The second speaker, Mr Yana Yohana, talked about a more specific topic. He explained what robotics is, how it works, and the project in robotics. He also demonstrated the integration of robotics in science learning by operating a hand-sanitizer pump with a robot. The Q & A session concluded the webinar.

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