Three SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia namely SEAQIS, SEAQIL, and SEAQIM on Tuesday 10 November had the opportunity to appear on CNN tv station in Indonesia Forward programme. This show was support from the Centres towards the programmes developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Merdeka Belajar or Freedom to Learn. The TV show was hosted by Ms Lucia Saharui presenting Dr Indrawati, Dr Luh Anik Mayani, and Dr Sumardyono, the three Centre Directors.

The main topics discussed during the programme were SEAMEO, SEAQIS, SEAQIL, SEAQIM, and the programmes conducted by the Centres, particularly in supporting the Merdeka Belajar. During the 60 minutes talk show, apart from providing what has been done, the three Directors also presented the future programmes and their expectation towards SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia.