Webinar on Open Education Resources as a Tool to Improve National Literacy

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium residing in the public domain. As it is in the public domain, the public has free access to obtain those resources. Therefore, to discuss this issue, SEAQIS, in collaboration with SEAQIL, SEAMEO CECCEP and the Library of Indonesia University of Education (UPI), conducted a webinar entitled Sumber Daya Terbuka untuk Meningkatkan Literasi Nasional (Open Education Resources as a Tool to Improve National Literacy) on 25 February 2021. The webinar presented five speakers and moderated by Ms Rita Anggorowaty of SEAMEO CECCEP.

Prof Didi Sukyadi, the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, delivered his remarks during the webinar’s opening. He stated that this programme is beneficial since it provides information regarding the open resources. The webinar then officially opened by Ir Hendarman, Ph.D., the Partnership and Public Relation Bureau’s acting head.

The first speaker was Dr Dwi Priyono, the Director of SEAMEO CECCEP. He presented SEAMEO CECCEP’s spirit in sharing and collaborating. In his presentation, he presented various media developed by CECCEP that offer open education resources. The second speaker was Dr Luh Anik Mayani, the Director of SEAQIL. She discussed the advancement of literacy through the library as a learning resource. She presented data showing the Indonesian’s level of reading literacy. She also informed various SEAQIL’s publications that can be accessed freely by the public.

The next presenter was Dr Indrawati, the Director of SEAQIS, who provided information regarding SEAQIS’ publications. She also elaborated that SEAQIS have set a framework in developing science learning resources. Dr Riche Cynthia Johan, the head of UPI’s Library, was the next presenter. She discussed the institutional repository towards openness of knowledge. She elaborated the definition of OER and repository. She also discussed its principles, concepts, and development. The last presenter was Mr Wahyu Setiko from Creative Commons Indonesia (CCI). He explained the difference between free and open resources. The webinar was then closed officially by the head of MOEC’s library, Mr Chaidir Amir.

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