Director presented SEAQIS Contributions on Improving Science Learning Quality in Indonesia and Southeast Asia during the National Education Day Webinar

To celebrate National Education Day, seven SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia conducted a Webinar on the Contributions and Impacts of SEAMEO Centres to Education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia on Monday, 3 May 2021. Prof. Ainun Naim, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, opened the Webinar officially. During the opening, Dr Ethel A. Valenzuela, the Director of SEAMES, delivered her opening remarks.

In his remarks, Prof. Ainun stated that education is an essential pillar in national development. Therefore, an improvement of intellectual life through quality education has become a constitutional mandate since 1945. “Education has long been considered an important pillar for the development of education in Indonesia. Therefore, our constitution mandates the government to advance intellectual life in our country by providing quality education for our nation.” He added that to instil this in the hearts and minds of the Indonesian people, since 1959, it was declared 2 May as National Education Day as a tribute to Ki Hajar Dewantara in fighting for Indonesian education as Indonesia’s first Minister of Education.

In this Webinar, seven Directors of SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia presented their centres’ contribution to education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The titles of the presentation are as follows.

  1. BIOTROP: SEAMEO BIOTROP Contribution and Impacts on Education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia
  2. SEAMOLEC: Development of Distance Learning in Higher Education
  3. RECFON: Building Healthy Human Capitals through Freedom Learning
  4. SEAQIM: SEAQiM Contribution to Mathematics Education in Southeast Asia
  5. SEAQIS: SEAQIS Contributions on improving Science Learning Quality in Indonesia and Southeast Asia
  6. SEAQIL: SEAQIL’S Contributions and Impacts on Education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia
  7. CECCEP: Contribution and Impact of SEAMEO CECCEP to Education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

In her presentation, Dr Indrawati, Director of SEAQIS, highlighted SEAQIS contribution and impact on education in Indonesia and the region. She presented five major programmes that positively impact the improvement of science learning quality in the region. The five programmes are STEM Learning, Computational Thinking, Southeast Asia Climate Change Education Programme, SEAQIS Research Grant, and Ki Hajar Dewantara Award. She also mentioned several outstanding alumni that have been actively involved in the development of science education in the region.

This International Webinar was officially closed by the Acting Head of the Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. “Through today’s International Webinar, I believe we have all obtained helpful information about the achievements and experiences of the Centres in carrying out their various mandates through their programmes and activities, as well as their products and services. We also had the opportunity to share ideas on how to take advantage of the momentum of the Indonesian National Education Day to strengthen and synergise joint efforts in developing education in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region. One important point I got from today’s International Webinar is how each of us can address global challenges, including finding solutions to education problems in our own country and Southeast Asia. Therefore, attending webinars like what we are currently doing can be a strategy to prepare ourselves,” he concluded.

Seven hundred fifty participants from the region attended the Webinar through Zoom Meeting and YouTube channel. The celebration of National Education Day will be continued with a virtual exhibition at the end of this month.

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