SEAQIS Participated in Increasing Publication and Cooperation Outreach of SEAMEO Centres on Various Mass Media Platforms

Bogor, 17 May 2021- SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) participated in public relations and cooperation training held by SEAMEO QITEP in Language (SEAQIL). This activity also involved other SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia. This training was the follow up of the previous training conducted in April.

This training aimed to improve the quality of public relations and cooperation among the SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia as well as to provide understanding, acceptance, and public participation in related activities or products of SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia. This is certainly in line with the speech delivered by Ir Hendarman, PhD, the acting head of cooperation and public relation bureau, during the opening ceremony. He stated that the image of the seven SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia could be further optimized through equal, reciprocal, detailed and periodic public relations and cooperation strategies.

In this training, six resource persons were delivering various topics. They were Dr Luh Anik Mayani, the Director of SEAQIL, Dr Misbah Fikrianto, the Deputy Director for Administration of SEAQIL, and Mr Wisnu Nugroho, the Chief-in-Editor of Aside from that, there were also Ms Rika Irdayanti, an expert in drafting legislation, Ms Adeh and Ms Anggie Lolita from conventional Banks.

A possible further collaboration among the SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia regarding co-branding was also discussed in this training. This was intended to build and highlight the image of the SEAMEO Centres in the region. “We have to be enthusiastic and mutually support one centre with other centres, especially in this publication, yes, at least twice a week we help publications between other centres,” explained Dr Misbah at the end of his presentation.


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