Training Course on Science Classroom Supervision

Training Course on Science Classroom Supervision aimed to improve the competence of school principals and superintendents in conducting academic supervision, particularly science learning. The participants of the training were 20 principals and superintendents. The training was facilitated by experts, the academic team of SEAQIS, and an external resource person.  The training was conducted from 5 to 14 August for 60 learning hours. It was conducted online using Zoom cloud meeting.

During the training, participants were provided information regarding the trend and current issue of global education including STEM learning. Participants learnt how science learning to be delivered in accordance with 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and literacy and numeracy. The topics discussed in this training were SEAQIS flagship programme, the nature of science, science learning, quality assurance system, science learning supervision, and follow-up action.

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