Innovation in Science Teaching and Learning towards Industrial Revolution 4.0: The 3rd Ki Hajar Dewantara Award

Acknowledgment of teacher dedication in bringing and elevating a nation through an excellent education process is a necessity. SEAQIS as a regional institution focusing on the improvement of science teachers’ competence has been called to give appreciation to the tireless effort of teachers in shaping the nation. As an effort in appreciating science teachers’ dedication, SEAQIS initiated a program to acknowledge their dedication to bringing science learning to an excellent level.

The programme is called Ki Hajar Dewantara (KHD) Award. This concept derives from the inspiration of the founding father of National Education, the late Ki Hajar Dewantara for his unceasing commitment to make education a contribution towards human liberation. The award is presented to the best of selected best science teachers as the nominees, representing each SEAMEO member country, in the form of travel grants as a privilege to attend the inauguration of the award. This event is a part of the International Conference on Science Education and Teacher Professional Development 2021, the biennial event of SEAQIS.

The nominees of the award are selected based on their outstanding achievements, contribution, and dedication in science education as well as their innovations which are written in a best-practice paper. During the award, one nominee from each SEAMEO Member Country is requested to present their papers. Their presentation is assessed by a board of judges to select three KHD Award winners.

This year, the 3rd Ki Hajar Dewantara Award was held from 16 to 18 November 2021 in Bandung, Indonesia. The theme of the conference was Innovation in Science Teaching and Learning towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 with blended mode; face-to-face and virtual mode.

Seven country representatives presented their best practice. They were Dr. Makarimi bin haji Awang Kassim (Brunei Darussalam), Mov Veasna (Cambodia), Binar Kasih Sejati (Indonesia), Mohd Azif bin Shukor (Malaysia), Joey Ian C. Singson (Philippines), Ang Peng Siang (Singapore), and Kiettisak Inrajsadon (Thailand). Also, the 19 top Indonesian Science Teachers presented their best practice during the parallel session of the International Conference.

The winner of the 3rd Ki Hajar Dewantara Award is Mr Kiettisak Inrajsadon (Thailand), the 2nd is place Mr Mohd Azif bin Shukor (Malaysia) and the 3rd place is Mr Ang Peng Siang (Singapore). The winners are entitled to receive 5000 USD, 2500 USD, and 1000 USD respectively.

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