School Assistant Programme at Partner School: Global Islamic Boarding School (GIBS)


In collaboration with new partner schools which are Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Global Islamic Boarding School (GIBS), SEAQIS has conducted Mentoring Program for STEM Implementation in Learning According to School’s Local Context. The programme consists of a series of training, which are In-House Training, Teachers Mentoring, STEM Learning Observation, and Training Reflection.

The In-House Training (IHT) began with the MoU and MoA signing between SEAQIS and GIBS, which was attended by Dr Indrawati (Director of SEAQIS), Mr Ali Harun (Principal of Lower Secondary GIBS), Mr Muhammad Rijali Riyadi (Principal of Upper Secondary GIBS), and Dr Zulfikar Alimuddin (Director of HAFECS). The SEAQIS team that was in charge of the lower secondary level were Mr Lukman Nulhakim and Mr Heri Setiadi, while Dr Poppy Kamalia Devi and Mr Reza Setiawan were in charge of the upper secondary level.

SEAQIS held the IHT at GIBS in Banjarmasin from 28 to 30 March 2022. 32 teachers consisting of 18 upper secondary school teachers and 14 lower secondary school teachers participated in this IHT. During the IHT, teachers were introduced to some concepts in STEM learning, such as: (1) STEM Learning in 21st-Century Skills; (2) Framework STEM Learning Engineering Design Process (EDP) and Design Thinking; (3) STEM Project identification; (4) STEM Project-Based Learning (STEM-PjBL) learning model; and (5) How to develop the scenario and its implementation in a classroom. The participants also actively joined in hands-on activities regarding the engineering design process, such as daily food menu arrangement and bungee jumping prototype.

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