STEM Education Training Programme Alumni’s Project Announced as ICIA Innovation Award Finalists


Five STEM projects created by the students of SEAQIS STEM Education Training Programme alumni went to the semi-final of KRYA Global’s ICIA (International Creativity and Innovation Award) 2022. This competition targets youths aged 9-21 all over the world who have innovations that promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The projects are called STEM Local Context (STEM LC) Projects: (1) Black Soldier Fly Compost from SMAT Baiturrahman (guided by Ms Rosi Idiasari, Ms Maesaroh, and Mr Karmo); (2) Dregs Tofu Meatball from SMAT Baiturrahman (guided by Ms Aneng Sri Dermakanti); (3) Seafood Stick and Nata De Sonne from SMP 1 Sayung, Demak (guided by Ms Titis Perwitasari), and (4) IoT Based Smart Watering System Using the Blynk App from SMP 3 Blitar (guided by Mr Hamid Arif Shodiqi).

From 79 semi-finalists, two of the SEAQIS teams which were Black Soldier Fly Compost and Dregs Tofu Meatball from SMAT Baiturrahman qualified as the finalists and presented their projects on Zoom meeting to the judges with the other nine participants from China, Thailand, and the Philippines on Saturday, 16 April 2022. Afterwards, both of the teams were announced as the winners of the Gold Award for kids and teens category on Thursday, 22 April 2022. STEM Project: Black Soldier Fly Compost was a project in which the students made an organic wasted compost digested by black soldier fly maggot to increase the growth and vibrancy of Miana plant. On the other hand, Dregs Tofu Meatball created a project to reduce dregs tofu waste by making the waste into meatballs as a marketable food product.

These achievements are expected to encourage teachers and students to continue being innovative. Through STEM projects, students can develop their STEM skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, and innovative thinking skills, because every STEM project will generate innovations that are created through a series of steps that are usually done by innovators. STEM skills can equip students to survive in the present and future eras that are full of innovations.