Exploring Our Earth through ESS Training 2022


In order to develop the teacher’s comprehension related to Earth and Space Science for improving the quality of learning process in class, SEAQIS conducted a virtual regular training entitled “Earth and Space Science (ESS)” from 28 June to 6 July 2022. Mr Reza Setiawan, the Deputy Director of Programme in SEAQIS, officially opened and closed this training. This year, SEAQIS collaborated with Centre for Climate and Atmospheric Research (PRIMA), National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), and universities in providing deeper issues about Earth and space science related to climate.  

There were several experts who delivered their knowledge in this training: (1) Prof Dr Satria Bijaksana (Bandung Institute of Technology); (2) Prof Dr Ir Eddy Hermawan (Centre for Climate and Atmospheric Research or PRIMA); (3) Dr Judhistira Aria Utama (Indonesia University of Education); and (4) Dr Irwan Meilano (Bandung Institute of Technology). Meanwhile, the facilitators of this training were the SEAQIS team consisting of Mr Dian Purnama (Programme and Training Officer), Ms Lintang Ratri Prastika (Head of Partnership and Publication Division), and Mr Reza Setiawan (Deputy Director of Programme). 

In this ESS training, the participants had a lot of fruitful discussions with the speakers, facilitators, and also among participants related to earth science (solid earth and theory of plate tectonics), meteorology (climate issues), space science (solar system), as well as DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) and mitigation. Moreover, they had to do a pre-test, several individual and group tasks in the form of worksheets, present their best practice and action plan, create a lesson plan, as well as do post-test. Two of the participants gave their testimonies in the closing ceremony, which are Mr Mariano Nathanael (Indonesia) and Ms Irish Marie Tacuyan (Philippines). Both agreed that they were blessed as they had been selected and participated in ESS training this year, which had broadened their insights and networks. 

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