SEAQIS Collaboration with DILANS Indonesia


One of the SEAQIS programmes which focuses on climate change and environmental education is called Southeast Asia Climate Change Education Programme (SEA-CEP). Through this programme, SEAQIS fosters school teams in developing the communities around school, especially on the awareness of inclusivity in sustainable development. Therefore, in order to implement one of the SEA-CEP programmes, SEAQIS collaborates with DILANS Indonesia (disable and elder people community) to hold a tour in understanding urban governance and social inclusion at urban areas.  

The tour was held on Friday, 15 July 2022, with several parties: (1) schools’ teachers; (2) Bandung Regional Legislative Council; (3) Public Works and Housing Office; (4) Environment and Sanitary Office; and (5) Babakan Ciamis Sub District. Moreover, this event also invited some representatives of various organisations: (1) Bandung Drawing Institute; (2) Jendela Ide; (3) BBC76 Community; (4) Nahdlatul Ulama Institution for Disaster Management and Climate Change, West Java; (5) Mitigation Hub; and (6) media. The involvement of these parties aims to increase the awareness and understanding of society that disable and elder people community is still less involved in the society system due to the limited access. 

The participants were strolling around Babakan Ciamis Sub District started from BMC (Bandoengsche Melk Centrale) at Jl. Aceh to Jl. Kebon Sirih, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata, Jl. Kebon Jukut, Jl. Wastukencana, and back again to BMC. Along the way, Mr Farhan Helmy, Mr Undang Permana, and Mr Aden Achmad from DILANS Indonesia showed the infrastructure that should be the right of all Indonesian people; instead, it was inaccessible for disable and elder people. After the tour, there were also some discussions and reflections on how did the participants feel after seeing the reality. Through this activity, it could be seen that inclusivity would only happen if our society from all levels involved in developing the equal environment. Hopefully, SEAQIS also can share this fact to all teachers so that they will encourage their students in supporting sustainable lifestyle. 

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