Tridecafiesta – The Lucky 13: SEAQIS 13th Anniversary Celebration


To celebrate SEAQIS 13th Anniversary on 13 July 2022, SEAQIS conducted a series of events consisting of Comic Strip Competition for teachers and students in Southeast Asia, the 2nd Wide Games Competition, and an international seminar. The big theme of this series of events is “Act on Climate Change.” 

Comic Strip Competition was conducted during June 2022, starting from the registration until submission of works. Meanwhile, the assessment had been done on the first week of July 2022 and the winners were announced on 13th July 2022. There were 48 participants who had sent their comics, and most of them were Indonesian teachers, students, as well as a college student from Philippines. As a result, there were three winners for each category (teacher and student) based on these criteria: (1) creativity; (2) originality; and (3) conformity with the theme “Act on Climate Change”. For teacher category, the winners are: (1) Meilina Fitrianing Tiyas (SDN Parang 3); (2) Surya Arif Kartono (Xin Zhong School Surabaya); and (3) Septhy Dwi Jayanthy (SMA Kartika XIX-1 Bandung). On the other hand, the winners for student category are: (1) Agy Whiedya Bella (SMA Islam Terpadu Raudhatul Jannah Cilegon); (2) Fadli Fauzan Haikal (SMAN 2 Kota Sukabumi); and (3) Krizhianne Larind G. Cruz (Pangasinan National High School Philippines). 

In addition, SEAQIS also held a face-to-face competition entitled “Wide Games Competition” which was previously conducted in 2019. The participants of this games should complete some post-to-post challenges related to climate change theme and enthusiastically perform their teams’ yell on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 at SEAQIS and BBGP West Java offices environment. There were 11 teams from nine junior high schools in Bandung City and Bandung Regency: (1) SMPN 1 Bandung; (2) SMPN 9 Bandung; (3) SMPN 22 Bandung; (4) SMPN 1 Batujajar (two teams); (5) SMP Krida Utama Padalarang; (6) SMP Darul Hikam International (two teams); (7) SMP Laboratorium Percontohan UPI; (8) SMP Islam Cendekia Muda; and (9) SMP Taruna Bakti Bandung. Based on the total score from each post, it turned out that SMPN 1 Batujajar team B became the 1st winner, SMP Darul Hikam International team B became the 2nd winner, while SMP Taruna Bakti got the 3rd winner. This competition was one of the SEAQIS’ actions in order to invite teachers and students to be aware of the current climate change conditions as well as to understand the concept of science underlying those phenomena. 

The peak of SEAQIS 13th Anniversary was on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 along with a hybrid international seminar entitled “Towards Sustainable Planet: Enhancing Schools Community Participation to Support Climate Resilience Schools”, who was attended by approximately 100 participants. There were some experts in the fields of environment and climate change who delivered their knowledge in this seminar: (1) Prof. Hari Srinivas (Coordinator of Global Development Research Centre, Kobe, Japan) as the keynote speaker for “Global Climate Action and the Challenges of Civic Engagement”; (2) Mr Irfan Darliazi (Directorate of Environment of BAPPENAS) with “Indonesia Policy on Climate Action: (3) Ms Sri Renani Pantjastuti (Acting Chief of BBGP West Java-Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology) for “Ministry Program on Developing Citizen Sustainable Lifestyle”; (4) Mr Dicky Edwin Hindarto (Thamrin School of Climate Change and Sustainability) for “Current State of Energy Use and Responsible Consumption to Achieve Zero Net Emission”; and (5) Mr M. Farhan Helmy (Thamrin School of Climate Change and Sustainability) with the topic “Empowering Schools Community to Develop”. To close this event, SEAQIS team announced and gave the prizes for the winners of each competition, followed by tumpeng celebration for SEAQIS 13th Anniversary. 

Happy 13th Anniversary, SEAQIS! 

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