SEAQIS: The Grand Champion of Sports Tournament for Three Times in a Row!



To celebrate its 5th Anniversary, SEAMEO CECCEP conducted inter-SEAMEO sports tournament in Indonesia with two kinds of sports that were competed: badminton and futsal. In order to enliven the 5th Anniversary of CECCEP, SEAQIS delegated five teams in total containing two teams of men’s doubles and one team of women’s doubles for badminton as well as one men’s futsal team with one women’s futsal team. 

Dr Elis Rosdiawati as the Deputy of Administration in SEAMEO CECCEP officially opened this tournament on 24 July 2022 at SESKO AU sports arena close to SEAMEO CECCEP Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java. The five others SEAMEO Centres also competed in this tournament, which were BIOTROP, RECFON, SEAMOLEC, SEAQIL, as well as CECCEP.  

The first men’s futsal match was between SEAMOLEC team and SEAMEO BIOTROP team with final score 2-2 respectively. On the other hand, SEAQIS men’s futsal team had to be satisfied with the result at the bottom of Group A. However, SEAQIS women’s futsal team managed to the final round and defeated SEAMEO CECCEP team. Both teams in this final round presented a great match for the audience at the venue. Lintang Ratri Prastika scored two goals for SEAQIS team and managed to maintain 2-0 over SEAMEO CECCEP team until the end of the match. This caused SEAQIS women’s futsal team became the first champion of the women futsal match that had just been conducted this year. 

For the badminton match, team A of SEAQIS men’s doubles successfully became the defending champion for three times in a row by defeating the team A of SEAMEO BIOTROP in two sets. Meanwhile, SEAQIS team B only managed to the semi-final round after being defeated by the team A of SEAMEO BIOTROP. However, SEAQIS women’s doubles team successfully to bring the trophy back as the runner up after defeating SEAQIL team in semi-final and being defeated by SEAMOLEC team in final round with rubber set. 

At the end, SEAQIS still maintained its position as the grand champion of inter-SEAMEO sports tournament in Indonesia for three times in a row. 

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