Monitoring and Evaluation Activities to the SEAQIS Research Grants’ Grantees


SEAQIS Research Grants (SRG) is one of the programmes organised as an effort to increase teachers’ competence, especially in the field of research. The theme of the 2022 SRG is Research in Science Learning and Environmental Education Innovation towards Sustainable Society 5.0. 

As a follow-up action to the workshop, SEAQIS carried out Monitoring and Evaluation Activities aimed at determining the quality, effectiveness, and usefulness of SRG. SEAQIS delegated two of the personnel who are Ms Dr Ida Kaniawati as Head of Masters and Doctoral Programs in Science Education at the Indonesian Education University, and Ms Dewi Mayang Salshabylla as Research and Development SEAQIS to carry out assistance in data collection for one of the Grantee participants, namely Ms Sri Indhah from SD Bechari, Yogyakarta, held from 21 to 23 September 2022, by raising learning through the STEM-PjBL Flipped Classroom Approach through the Breathing Air Project Theme. 

The framework for monitoring the implementation of learning is focused on the implementation of learning that refers to the standards set. This monitoring activity emphasises the content of learning, the learning process, and the learning assessment process. Moreover, the evaluation process is carried out to determine the extent of mastery of the subject by students, the effectiveness and efficiency of learning that has been implemented. 

This Monitoring and Evaluation activity is expected to determine the competence of teachers both in terms of quality in carrying out research and their writings, as well as the quality and usefulness of the research results. In this way, it can motivate teachers to continue researching, improving the teaching and learning process, and nurturing students who are ready to compete globally. 

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