Dissemination Activities for Science Teachers in Batur and Kejajar Districts


SEAQIS with IOA (Indonesian Overseas Alumni) have conducted and accompanied Science core teachers in Elementary School to disseminate their knowledge to other teachers in Batur District (Banjarnegara Regency) and Kejajar District (Wonosobo Regency). Those activities were held from 26 to 28 September 2022 in Batur, and from 29 September to 1 October 2022 in Kejajar. Both activities were also officially opened by the representatives of local Education Office. Dr Poppy Kamalia Devi (Head of Programme and Training Division) and Mr Reza Setiawan (Deputy Director for Programme) were SEAQIS’ facilitators who accompanied the core teachers in both districts along with one of SEAQIS’ partners, Miss Tanti Sugiharti Singgih (Executive Director of IOA). 

There were 25 teachers from Kejajar and 23 teachers from Batur participating in the dissemination programme. The core teachers from each district tried to disseminate all the previous knowledge gained from SEAQIS’ facilitators to the participants in order to increase Science teachers’ competencies in implementing the material, concept, and skills at classrooms. During the programme, the participants actively engaged with several Science experiments such as homogenous and heterogenous mixtures as well as energy transformation. Moreover, they also did peer-teaching through a classroom simulation activity. 

On the closing ceremony, the representatives of participants in each district also gave testimonies regarding their impression after joining the programme, which were Mr Ahmad Mutaqim (SDN 5 Batur), Mr Margono (SDN 1 Serang), and Mr Waris (SDN 1 Parikesit). They felt grateful because they got the opportunity to participate in the first batch of the dissemination programme. Furthermore, they also hope that this programme will be continued not only in their districts, but also in other districts for each regency. 

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