On 12 October 2022, SEAQIS has successfully held THE 5th INTERNATIONAL STEM STUDY CONTEST (ISSC). This event is a part of The Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp & Teacher Workshop which conducts competitions for students related to STEM challenges. The organisers of this event are Guangxi S&T Museum, Guangxi Normal University, and Children & Youth Science Center of CAST, which collaborates with SEAMEO QITEP in Science as the local host and event coordinator in Indonesia since 2017.

There were three STEM competitions held by SEAQIS: water rocket, trebuchet, and paper bridge for two categories on each competition (junior and senior high school). Each category consists of three teams with one assistant teacher and 2-3 students. Therefore, a total of 18 teams participated in the competitions with a total of 70 participants.

The competition was held onsite at SEAQIS office to find the 1st winner for each level of competitions. As a result, Darul Hikam Integrated Secondary and Senior High Schools became the 1st winner of paper bridge competition in each level; SMP Darul Ulum 1 Peterongan Jombang turned out to be the 1st winner of water rocket competition for junior high school level; while Anni’mah Middle School and Darul Quran High School became the 1st winner of trebuchet competition in each level. Later on, the champions will be the representative of Indonesia to compete at the international level next month, November 2022.

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