SEAQIS Empowers Indonesian Educators with STEM Learning at Permata Insani Islamic School


On 19 August 2023, SEAQIS held an enlightening event at Permata Insani Islamic School, Tangerang. The event focused on the socialisation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning and was attended by around 400 teachers from various educational levels, ranging from kindergarten to high school. 

The head of Pandu Pertiwi Foundation, Dr Trisamanta, officially opened the event. He expressed his hope that SEAQIS’ presence in this training would improve the sustainable development of STEM training and progress. 

This activity introduced the fundamental concepts of STEM and the Engineering Design Process (EDP). In order to enhance comprehension, teachers were grouped based on their educational levels. The first group was kindergarten teachers which were introduced to the EDP concept through creative projects such as designing dream houses, musical instruments, and super wind cars. Second, the elementary and middle school teachers were engaged in creating holograms. Meanwhile, the third group which was high school teachers were tasked with constructing simple boats. 

Experienced facilitators from SEAQIS, including Dr Indrawati, Dr Poppy Kamalia Devi, Mr Reza Setiawan, Mr Heri Setiadi, Mr Gunawan Muhammad, Mr Dian Purnama, and Mr Septian Karyana, provided guidance throughout the event. They guided participants in developing their EDP learning. 

Through events like this socialisation, SEAQIS aims to sustain the development of scientific and technological potential among Indonesian teachers. This activity marks a positive step in enhancing STEM education in Indonesia and demonstrates that collaborations between educational institutions and organisations like SEAQIS can positively impact the advancement of science and technology. 

Writer: Salsabila Nadhifah 

Proofreader: Sheren Agustin & Ayu Intan 

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