Education for the Future: SEAQIS and Politeknik Piksi Ganesha Collaboration for G-TES Programme


On 22 August 2023, SEAMEO QITEP in Science with Polikteknik Piksi Ganesha marked their united collaboration to support the Global Tech Education Student Development (G-TES) Programme. Held at SEAQIS office in Bandung, both parties have agreed to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) synergically. The partnerships were primarily aimed at boosting human resources development from various regions in Indonesia, especially in digital technology. 

SEAQIS, professional development in science education institution, and Politeknik Piksi Ganesha, a well-established private polytechnic in Bandung that specialised in technology, business, and health, have teamed up on the agenda to train educational personnel as well as students in advancing their competencies in science and technology fields. This agenda may assist human resources improvement and institutional growth through various sub-programmes. The collaboration was supported by GEMA Foundation, an educational foundation on IT, Entrepreneur, and Metaverse, who prior had had two years of partnership with Politeknik Piksi Ganesha. Hand in hand with the agenda, currently, this programme focuses on computational engineering and digital business majors. 

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SEAQIS and Piksi Ganesha marked a significant milestone in their partnership. Directors from both SEAQIS and Politeknik Piksi Ganesha were present at the signing ceremony. Dr Indrawati, the Director of SEAQIS, and Dr Prihartono, the Director of Politeknik Piksi Ganesha, gave their welcoming remarks and shared their enthusiasm for the collaboration’s potential. Besides, the executive boards of SEAQIS and Piksi Ganesha also attended this signing ceremony.  

This collaboration established through the MoU will serve as a more durable and pervasive relationship between both parties. By developing student enhancement, digitalised learning, and actualising learning curriculum through G-TES, SEAQIS and Piksi Ganesha aims to improve the institution’s quality. SEAQIS will provide upskilling and reskilling training for students and educational personnel to develop their human resources according to their interests and abilities. Furthermore, the ultimate goals of this collaboration are to create an efficient learning method, overcome future learning, and boost global tech students.     


Writers: Azzahra Amalia & Tiara Puspa Isnayana  

Proofreader: Ayu Intan  

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