Enhancing Teachers’ Pedagogical Skills through a STEM Approach


SEAQIS is an institution that engages in developing the competencies of science teachers and education personnel through various programmes, one of which is Program Sekolah Mitra (PSM) or Partner School Programme. One of SEAQIS’ partners in this programme is Darul Hikam Integrated School (DHIS) Secondary. On 26 August 2023, through PSM, SEAQIS and DHIS Secondary collaborated to conduct an In-House Training (IHT) on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Learning. 

The IHT on STEM Learning event was inaugurated by the Principal of DHIS Secondary, Ms Binar Kasih Sejati. This agenda was attended by 25 teachers from DHIS Secondary and the SEAQIS Team, which was represented by Mr Reza Setiawan and Dr Poppy Kamala Devi, who were also speakers in this session. 

SEAQIS and DHIS Secondary realise that students must have skills that are in line with the times, in this case, 21st-century skills. As a follow-up, IHT on STEM Learning was conducted to enhance the pedagogical competence of teachers using effective learning strategies with the STEM approach. The development of teachers’ pedagogical competence is carried out to target teachers’ ability to manage learning with their students so that with the STEM approach, teachers can understand the characteristics of students and disseminate the knowledge they have acquired in accordance with the skills needed in the 21st century. 

In the IHT on STEM Learning, teachers were given a comprehensive and practical understanding, one of which was by making holograms. Through this, the IHT on STEM Learning is expected to be applied effectively and utilised to produce students with 21st-century skills. 

Writer: Triana Anggraeni 

Proofreader: Sarah Aiko A

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