Enriching Southeast Asian Science Teachers’ Skills through EESD 2023


The Training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) 2023 was conducted from 22 to 31 August 2023 at éL Hotel Royale, Bandung. The event welcomed 30 science teachers from various Southeast Asian countries. This ten-day training aimed to enhance the quality of science teaching and learning in schools concerning the environment, ecosystem conservation, and sustainable development. During the course, these educators gained valuable insights from experts in the field and the SEAQIS team. 

The training curriculum covered numerous topics, including Sustainable Development, Tropical Forest, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Climate Change Impact, Responsible Consumption and Production, Sustainable City Management, Sustainable Agriculture Management, STEM Learning, and more. Throughout this activity, participants did not merely sit and listen to the materials provided by speakers. Instead, they actively engaged in group activities, discussions, and interactive workshops. 

Two participants, Ms Kong Chansaravotey from Cambodia and Mr Ginanjar Winar Putra from Indonesia shared their impressions of the event. Ms Kong Chansaravotey, representing the SEAMEO Bureau of Information and ASEAN Affairs Department, expressed her enthusiasm about the training. “The structure of the content itself starts from the basic understanding of sustainable development and then goes deeper and deeper,” she explained. Furthermore, she emphasized that environmental issues are global problems, making collaboration between countries and stakeholders crucial. 

Another participant, Mr Ginanjar Winar Putra, a teacher from SMP 2 Delanggu in Indonesia, found the training particularly relevant to pressing climate change concerns. “This event is delightful and relevant to the current era, where climate change is a significant issue,” he noted. Furthermore, he stated that the training is essential since he believes many teachers lack adequate information about climate change and sustainability. Thus, the course fills this knowledge gap, enriching educators with insights they can impart to their students. 

The Training Course on Educational Environmental for Sustainable Development was a successful event that fostered a lasting impact on its participants. This programme equips the teachers with knowledge, inspiration, and strategies to contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable future. As the event concluded, it was evident that it had sparked a fire of environmental consciousness and action, making a positive mark on the educational field. 

Writer: Sheren Agustin 

Proofreader: Salsabila Nadhifah 

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