Our Three-Month Journey from China to SEAQIS


From 5 June to 5 September, SEAMEO QITEP in Science welcomed five Chinese students with majors in communication, English, network, and new media for internship programme supervised by Ms. Lintang Rati Prastika. During the internship, they were appointed with different tasks and missions.  

In their three-month internship programme, they were assigned to assist in conducting several tasks cooperatively and respectively. For the communication majors, they were appointed with the tasks of video production and edition; while for the English majors, the tasks are usually voice dubbing and news as well as post writing. Other tasks they cooperated are included seminar resume making, Instagram content design and testimonial video production. In addition, they participated to be either audiences or co-hosts in several workshops and seminars held by the Centre, including the international seminar celebrating for the 14th Anniversary of SEAMEO QITEP in Language, Mathematics, and Science. 

Even though their background is not science-related, their proficiency in video making, English writing, and content designing has brought great contributions to the Center. Meanwhile, through this internship programme, it is safe to say that the interns have acquired useful skills and precious experiences for their future job. According to the interns, “SEAQIS is like a friend of mine!” “This is a warm and meaningful experience in my life.” “I’m so lucky to meet everyone here and get this excellent internship opportunity.” In a nutshell, a win-win situation for both sides have been successfully achieved through this internship programme.

Writer: Riya Zhang 

Proofreader: Ayu Intan

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