Exploring STEM Learning with Al-Hamidiyah Teachers


Early October marked a significant milestone for the Al-Hamidiyah Foundation in Depok. SEAQIS provided the Al-Hamidiyah Foundation with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning materials for teachers at various levels, from kindergarten to high school. This event went on for three days, from 2 to 4 October 2023. 

Dr Farida Wulandari, the Director of Education at the Al-Hamidiyah Foundation, delivered the opening address. In her speech, Dr Farida emphasised the importance of introducing STEM to foster teachers’ and students’ creativity during the learning process. She hoped that the materials provided by SEAQIS would contribute positively to enhance the quality of classroom instruction. 

The activities on the first day included the In-House Training (IHT) programme for STEM learning. It aimed to facilitate the implementation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Montessori, and Islamic values (STEAMMI), the flagship programme at the foundation. Before the commencement of STEM IHT, teachers were given a pre-test to assess their understanding of STEM learning. Subsequently, they received instruction on the characteristics of STEM, an analysis of STEM learning topics, and models for STEM instruction. Furthermore, they were engaged in constructing multi-story building frameworks. 

On the second day, the teachers focused on group discussions concerning High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and the analysis of STEM topics. Later, the outcomes of these discussions would be presented on the third day. Besides, teachers also delved into the assessment system for STEM instruction and its application in Proyek Penguatan Profil Pelajar Pancasila (P5). 

On the last day, teachers presented the results of their discussions regarding STEM topic analyses and the formulation of HOTS questions. After joining the three-day event, the teachers will receive guidance during the On-the-Job Learning sessions to prepare STEM teaching materials in classrooms. The implementation is scheduled from late October to November, which is planned to end with an exhibition. 

Writer: Mohammad Giofany 

Proofreader: Andien Shaufani 

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