Fostering Digital Ethics Literacy: SEAQIS and Telkom University in Collaboration for DELTA Programme


Digital ethics literacy is important for teachers in implementing digital learning for students. Therefore, SEAQIS collaborated with Telkom University in conducting a seminar and workshop on Digital Ethic Literation for Teachers (DELTA) from 9 to 11 October 2023. This event was held at the Professional Development Centre for Educators of West Java Province and was attended by 40 teachers, mostly senior high school teachers. This seminar and training aimed to encourage teachers to understand the importance of digital ethics and literacy as well as to promote responsible and intelligent use of technology. 

Prof Dr Adiwijaya, the Rector of Telkom University, stated that Telkom University is one of 24 universities chosen by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture Affairs Indonesia (Kemenko PNK) to carry out one of the actions of Gerakan Nasional Revolusi Mental (GNRM). He also hoped that this event would be continuous and could be implemented throughout Indonesia. Dr Indrawati as the Director of SEAQIS added that as SEAQIS had the main goal to serve science teachers across ASEAN, this activity was planned to be scaled up to the ASEAN region. 

Regarding the implementation of digital technology, Mr Rikki Mochammad Ramdani, a teacher from SMAN 1 Bandung said, “We, at SMAN 1 Bandung, have been implementing digital technology in learning since 2019. After the pandemic, the use of digital tools is getting stronger because it is indispensable. The challenge lies with senior teachers who are unfamiliar with digital technology.” 

There were ten materials given at this seminar and workshop, including Digital Transformation for Sustainability in Education, Science and Technology 4.0, Creative and Innovative Use of Technology, Critical Thinking, Wisely Use of the Internet, Information Management, Copyright, Data Privacy and Security, Students’ Digital Ethics Profile in the Era of Disruption, and Internet Ethics. The participants were highly engaged during the presentation of these materials. Certain speakers also provided quizzes and games that made the event more interesting and helped participants to have a better understanding of the materials.  

With the advancement of technology, an increasing number of tools are available to make the teaching and learning process more accessible for teachers and students. However, technology must be utilised as an assisting device, not as human replacements. Through this seminar and workshop, it is hoped that a deeper understanding of digital ethics literacy can be provided and improved in Indonesia.

Writer: Sarah Aiko Adhritama 

Proofreader: Eunike Nadien Larasati & Ayu Intan H.

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