SEAQIS Sets Sail for Educational Excellence through Benchmarking


In response to the constantly changing educational landscape, SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) hosted benchmarking activities. SEAQIS is impacted to learn more from other institutions as a part of its responsibilities as the regional institution to enhance staff’s capability in their respective fields. This event was held from 31 October to 2 November 2023 with the first stop at Microsoft Indonesia, a beacon of innovation in education technology.  

Furthermore, SEAQIS also visited other institutions from a range of sectors in order to enhance quality by leveraging technological breakthroughs and innovation. The next stop of this journey was at the National Achievement Centre  (Puspresnas) where the focus shifted to curation competitions and also aimed to elevate the standard of competitions in SEAQIS. 

The tour then navigated to the halls of the State Administration Institute (LAN), and the State Civil Service Agency (BKN). The objective was to gain insights into the management of State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Following this, the delegation visited the Innovation Agency-Centre for Oceanographic Research (PRO BRIN). This was aimed at studying quality control measures in the implementation of education and training. 

Benchmarking ended at the Archives of The Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) to understand the importance of archive management. Moreover, in this dynamic journey, SEAQIS forged partnerships and gained insightful knowledge from each institution. The benchmarking experience was not merely a tour but a transformative one that promised to shape SEAQIS’ future endeavours. 

Writer: Anastasya Salsabila 

Proofreader: Vannya Choirunnisa & Ayu Intan 

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