Training Course


Earth and Space Science

1-12 NOVEMBER 2021


About the event


Earth is the only planet known to have abundant and complex life. The Earth’s interlocking spheres (geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere) are dynamically balanced and sustained by energy from the Sun and from the Earth’s core. Understanding how Earth and space systems interact, how they affect us, and how we affect them is vital for our survival. (Te Kete Ipurangi-MOE New Zealand, 2012)

Moreover, today we live in a time when the Earth and its inhabitants face many challenges. Our climate is changing and that change is being caused by human activity. Earth scientists recognised this problem and have to play a key role in efforts to resolve it. We are also challenged to: develop new sources of energy that will have minimal impact on climate; locate new sources of metals and other mineral resources as known sources are depleted; and determine how Earth’s increasing population can live and avoid serious threats such as volcanic activity, earthquakes, landslides, floods and more. These are just a few of the problems where solutions depend upon a deep understanding of Earth Science. (Hobart

Responding to these challenges, SEMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) as a Centre focusing on the enhancement of science education quality has been developing whole school approaches in the promotions of Earth and Space Science Education since 2009. By conducting training on earth and space science, teachers are expected to develop knowledge and skills in managing class activities related to earth and space. Further impact is on the students who learn Earth and space science come to appreciate the dynamic interrelationship that exists between the solar system, the universe, and our Earth system. They also develop a sense of wonder and the desire to explore science. Thus, this programme is an important part to improve the quality of science teaching and learning in schools with respect to human being related to the solar system, the universe, and Earth system. 

In 2019, SEAQIS in affiliate with Pakistan Space Science Education Centre (PSSEC) emphasize on space-themed educational initiative providing activities, in the context of space science principally around the exploration of Mars that excites and engages students and inspire them to pursue careers in science, technology, and engineering.


This training programme aims to develop the teacher’s content comprehension and supporting classroom activities development related to the Earth and space science, for improving the quality of learning process in class.


Upon completing this cource, participants should be able to:

  1. describe the process of rock formation;
  2. demonstrate how the tectonic plates move and how the landscape formed;
  3. plan a school risk reduction and mitigation procedure;
  4. experience and learn about interaction in solar system through a simple activities and simulations using conventional or digital media;
  5. develop an interactive Earth and space lesson using simple hands-on activities; and
  6. experience and learn about the use of exemplary science teaching practices such as inquiry learning, cooperative/collaborative learning, and problem-based learning.

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The training course will be supported by trainers and experts from some well-known institutions such as Pakistan Space Science Education Centre (PSSEC), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia University of Education (UPI), Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), and trainer/instructor from the Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel in Science (PPPPTK IPA).

General Requirements

No more than 52 years old

Understand English

HAS NEVER participated in any regular training courses conducted by SEAMEO QITEP in Science in the last two years (alumni data will be verified).

Active teacher in school and/or active member of Teachers Association, etc.

Good health condition

Should not be regarded as an expectant mother

note: Science, Physics, or Geography teacher in junior or senior high school is preferable

How to apply

Visit the registration link below, upload the requested documents, and our officer will contact you for interview if you pass the administrative selection. The successful applicants will be contacted by our officer and will be announced in our Website and Facebook Fan-page.


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