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Science Classroom Supervision

12 to 16 JUNE 2023


About the event


The capacities and commitment of principals and superintendents are essential to enhance the quality of educational outcomes that are supported by professional teachers and leaders working in schools. One of the main roles of school supervision system is to monitor the quality of education at schools through teacher’s performance in classroom. Monitoring activities are expected to produce a positive impact on education quality. Supervision activities are expected to generate positive outcomes on education quality.

Academic supervision are series of activities which help teachers to develop their ability to manage learning process to achieve learning goals. There are three goals in academic supervision which are (1) helping teachers to develop their professional ability in carrying out tasks and responsibilities in educating students; (2) enhancing education quality through supervising and researching school learning process, in order to achieve the goals of learning; and (3) encouraging teachers to use their abilities to carry out learning process and to encourage them to be sincere in performing their duty and responsibility. By applying academic supervision, the school principal and school superintendent will be more responsible for the quality of the outcome education.

For this reason, the course on Science Classroom Supervision is relevant to those who lead schools as it will improve their competencies and capacities that help them achieving effective school management. In the end, it will bring schools to contribute significantly in shaping people to be a scientific society. Furthermore, in accordance of SEAMEO 2021-2030 Strategic Plan implementation, the theme of this year’s training will be Digital Transformation. Following the theme, this year’s Science Classroom Supervision training material includes how to use Data Analytics Tools in the field of education.


Improving the competencies of principals and superintendents in enhancing the quality of science educational personnel to achieve an effective school management.


After the training, participants should be able to:

  1. Grasp the trends of recent global education issues
  2. Comprehend the quality assurance framework in continuing professional development of teachers and education personnel
  3. Comprehend the concept of 21st century leadership
  4. Comprehend the essence of science and science learning
  5. Comprehend the planning, implementing, and reporting steps of science learning academic supervision
  6. Comprehend the use of Data Analytics Tools in the field of education; and

Skillfully implementing science learning supervision.

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The training course will be supported by professional trainers from SEAMEO QITEP in Science and some experts from other well-known institutions.

General Requirements

No more than 52 years old

Understand English

HAS NEVER participated in any regular training courses conducted by SEAMEO QITEP in Science in the last two years (alumni data will be verified).

Active principals or superintendent of all levels and/or active member of Principals/Superintendent Association, etc.

Good health condition

Should not be regarded as an expectant mother

All applicants from Indonesia are required to upload letter of recommendation from local education office or local superintendent working group (MKKS/MKPS) and passport photo with maximum size of 2 megabytes.

Participants from other SEAMEO Member countries are required to contact their country respective Ministry of Education to get recommendations in order to join the training.

note: The applicant must be a school principal or superintendent of all levels.

How to apply

Click the link below to fill the registration form and upload the requested documents. After the registration is closed, the next step will be administration and interview. The successful applicants will be contacted by our officer and will be announced in our Website and Social Media Fan-page.

Please be patient, our regular training course is coming soon next year.


Phone: + 62 22 421 8739
MON-FRI 07:30 - 16:00
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