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Science Classroom Supervision

10 - 19 July


About the event


The capacities and commitment of principals and supervisors that are vital to the quality of educational outcomes and most education system in the world require high quality teachers and leaders working in schools. One of the main roles of school supervision system is to monitor the quality of education at schools through teachers. Monitoring activities are expected to produce a positive impact on education quality. The Monitoring instruments such as examination, achievement test, and self-assessment practices are covered by schools and teachers.

The term instructional supervision is widely used in the literature to embody all efforts to the improvement of teaching and learning. Some authors use the term instructional supervision synonymously with general supervision. Meanwhile, Richard A Gorton (2003) stated that the core business of supervision is instructional leadership. Instructional leadership may be defined as those activities engaged by one or more individuals that have as their main purpose the improvement of a person, group, or instructional programme. The emphasis in this definition is on improvement, not merely maintenance, and on instructional leadership as opposed to other kinds of leadership. 

While at the building level, an administrator is usually involved in a variety of situations that call for leadership. Probably the most important area for which an administrator has leadership responsibilities is the instructional programme. The instructional leadership programme comprises all of the factors and conditions within a school that influence students’ learning. Although the teacher is perhaps the most important instructional variable affecting student learning, other factors and conditions also play roles.

By understanding administrative and education leader roles, school principals and supervisors will be more responsible for efficient school management. The leadership role has a function to ensure that successful learning can take place for all the pupils in the school. As a school leader, the school principle needs to ensure that every task is actually carried out on time and in a proper manner. Furthermore, the school principals and supervisors need to supervise and to administer all the works in the school.

For this reason, the course on Science Classroom Supervision is relevant to those who lead schools as it will improve their competencies and capacities that help them achieving effective school management. This, at the end, will bring schools to contribute significantly in shaping people to be a scientific society.


Improving the competencies of principals and supervisors in enhancing the quality of science educational personnel to achieve an effective school management.


Participants should be able to:

  1. comprehend the quality assurance framework in continuing professional development of teachers and education personnel;
  2. comprehend the instructional management of instructional processes;
  3. plan achievement and issues in academic supervisions of science learning;
  4. develop school supervision programmes and science classroom supervision instrumentto achieve an effective school; and
  5. comprehend in following up the result of science classroom supervision.

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The training course will be supported by trainers and experts from some well-known universities such as Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia University of Education (UPI), Padjajaran Universities (UNPAD), and also trainer/instructor from the Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel in Science (PPPPTK IPA).

General Requirements

No more than 52 years old

Understand English

HAS NEVER participated in any regular training courses conducted by SEAMEO QITEP in Science in the last two years (alumni data will be verified).

Active teacher in school and/or active member of Teachers Association, etc.

Good health condition

Should not be regarded as an expectant mother

note: The applicant must be a school principal or superintendent of all levels

How to apply

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