Computational Thinking

In implementing SEAMEO priority number 7 “Adopting a 21st Century Curriculum”, since 2019, SEAQIS has prepared Computational Thinking training in science learning to support the acceleration of digital transformation, complement 21st century skills and efforts to achieve SEAMEO priority indicator 7.3 priority number 7.

Computational Thinking is considered as one of the additional skills that is becoming a global trend in the world of education, culture, and science. Even CT is one of the additional skills proposed to complement the 4 C’s (Critical thinking & problem solving, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration) skills that have been issued by UNESCO as a “skill” needed by future generations or more often referred to as the digital generation. Adopting the 21st century curriculum until 2030, all countries in ASEAN must have integrated 5C skills, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and Global Citizen Education (GCED) into their respective national curricula.

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