SEAQIS’ Regular Training Courses Commence!


One of the excellent programmes of SEAQIS, regular training course, is commenced. This year, three regular training courses namely Training course on Earth and Space Science, Training course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, and Training course on Science Classroom Supervision are conducted concurrently and participated by 90 participants from nine SEAMEO member countries. The 10-day activity will be facilitated by experts from well-known science institutions and universities in the country.

The opening ceremony was conducted on July 10, 2018 attended Director CDETEP in Science, Dr. Sediono, President of Indonesian Science Academy, Prof. Sangkot Marzuki, and Director of Primary Teacher Development, MoEC, Mr. Anas Adam, who also opened the event officially.

The training course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development is aimed at sharing best practice activities related to environmental knowledge, ability, and values, and also to integrate sustainable development issues in science learning for students. The training course on Earth and Space Science is aimed at increasing teachers’ comprehension in the concept of earth and space. This training consists of material session, hands-on activities that will be applied by teachers to increase the quality of students learning. Then the Training course on Science Classroom Supervision is aimed at increasing the competency of principals and school superintendents in developing the quality of educators by applying the school-based management.

These regular training courses are parts of professional science teacher development, where SEAQIS really puts its consideration in carrying out its mandate and to achieve the goals as a Centre of excellence in science education.