Webinar Series: Lesson-Learnt from Southeast Asian Countries

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Education is one of the fields that impacted by COVID-19 pandemic as teachers and students’ interaction is believed as one of the most crucial aspect in teaching and learning activities. This situation forces teachers to implement a new way of teaching such as by maximizing digital technology and the internet in teaching and learning activities.

In responding to this situation, SEAQIS initiate to provide a forum for teachers and education personnel to learn best practices in science teaching and learning implemented in this new normal. The forum will be covered in a Webinar Series on Science Teaching-Learning Innovation in the New Normal: Lesson Learnt from Southeast Asian Countries conducted every Wednesday at 09:00-12:00 Western Indonesian Time (UTC+7) starting from 17 June to 22 July 2020. The webinar can be accessed through Google Meet and YouTube which is targeted to reach at least 250 participants for each series.

In this webinar series, numerous experts on science education and outstanding Southeast Asian teachers will present various topics related to the latest issues of science learning, especially during this pandemic, such as best practices on science teaching and learning activities, application of digital technology in science learning, application of computational thinking in science learning, and ways to increase the interest in scientific writing for teachers and education personnel.

The teachers and education personnel participated in the webinar series are expected to gain new knowledge from the speakers’ presentation as references in developing science teaching and learning in the new normal.

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