Training Course on Research Skills and Report Writing for SRG Grantees 2021

As a continuation of SEAQIS Research Grant 2021, on 4-7 May, SEAQIS conducted Training Course on Research Skills and Report Writing for SRG Grantees [part I]. This training aimed to strengthen SRG grantees on scientific research ethics, methods, and strategies and prepare them to write a research report. The training was conducted for 32 hours on an online platform.

After officially opened by SEAQIS Director, the session was continued with Contract Socialization and Technical Information of SRG 2021 by Ms Lili Indarti, DDA of SEAQIS. On the following day, Mr Wawan Ichwanuddin from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences started the session by presenting Introduction to Scientific Research. The next topic was Ethics of Scientific Writing, delivered by Prof Triyanta from Bandung Institute of Technology. After a full day of online class, all grantees were requested to write their research report independently. On the third and fourth days, grantees received topics on Research Report Writing, Research Methods and Instruments Development, Research Funds Management, Research Implementation Assistance Strategy and Reporting, and Development of Digital Learning Media, respectively. The topics were delivered by Dr Harry Firman, one of SEAQIS’ experts, Indra Fardhani, PhD from Malang University and the SEAQIS Academic Team. Weeks after the training, all grantees were requested to complete their first draft of the research report. The result was satisfying, proven the training is fulfilled its aims to improve grantees’ competencies in research.